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Great leadership means leading your life and the world around you.

You can Lead You Up going for your full potential, discovering what it is that is holding you back and how you can get what you want.

Once you get awareness of being your own great leader, you can lead your life,  your dreams, and share the meaning of leadership so your environment also grows with you.

You can be a great leader in your company, in your private life, and in  your heart.

Lead You Up is for everyone who wants to hold the sail instead of control the wind. Being a great leader, you can communicate in the way you have always dreamed about, showing exactly who you are, and taking enormous steps to get success!

Lead You Up!


My work is based on creating consciousness of thoughts and feelings, in order to focus on changing behavior to achieve continuous improvement and success at work.

My idea of coaching is to get people to understand that they themselves are responsible for the quality of their own work experience, and their impact on others.

I am a compassionate, non-judgmental listener.

I ask, rather than I tell: I ask people to take action, specifically tailored to address insights which evolved in coaching sessions.

I work with a variety of methods, coaching principles, empowering questions, and action plans; addressing self-perception, blocks, values, and goals.

I am an interdisciplinary learner, focused on constantly learning new skills which I employ in my coaching sessions.


Work on your ideal picture of yourself and prepare for a life full of fun and success!

With proven methods from psychology and my coaching skills we are going to achieve big steps, and you are going to be impressed by yourself and what you are able to do.

Discover what is holding you back (blocks, fears, assumptions). Great leadership is about identifying beliefs and choosing the reality that work best for us.

Working with individuals and groups, in English, German or Spanish, I give workshops and trainings. I work in my practice, online, or out in the nature (based on the idea that out in nature, far away from daily life, you can find yourself in an easy way, I offer coaching to individuals or small groups of clients outside).


All the answers lie within – like all of your potential to be an amazing leader!

Become aware of how you understand reality and break through your internal blocks – whatever is holding you back – and discover how to be a great leader for yourself, your company, and your team.

Join a 3 day Leadership Workshop of Lead You Up, on site, or outside in nature, and discover the leader inside you in a completely new way.


Certified Psychologist & Certified Leadership Coach


With a master degree in psychology (Dipl.-Psych.), I am a certified therapist (DGST) and certified coach (ACC). I studied psychology in Buenos Aires and Berlin. How come? I was born and grew up in Patagonia, Argentina, then I started my studies in Argentina and finished them in Germany.

I love to help people to take their next step. Mostly this is about self-confidence, balance, and going for what they really want. Finding out what is holding my clients back and where they want to go. I help them take their next steps (in career, life balance, time management, leadership).

Why do I love to do this job? For more than 10 years, I worked just as a psychologist. But most clients were not coming because they were suffering from a mental issue, but just because they didn’t know what should be their next step. So I started working with coaching methods, resolving blocks and increasing self-confidence; and my work started to be about helping my clients to find out what was holding them back, discovering their full potential, and having a lot of fun together.

So my next step was to offer not just methods from psychology, but also coaching skills to help my clients find out about their true self: Lead You Up.

I work with individuals and with groups. I give workshops and trainings. I offer my work in my practice, online, or out in nature (based on the idea that out in nature, far away from daily life, you can find yourself in an easy way, I offer coaching to individuals or small groups of clients in outside).

That is me. A psychologist and coach who loves going for the full potential and is open for diversity and nature.


S. ChristiansenGraphic Designer & Journalist

This is the first time I understand the concept of Leadership: Great Leadership is there to perform effectively, it means creation. It is not about imposing a point of view, it is about unify them. The leadership course helped me to understand how to focus, to define my goals, to visualize my life, and as a consequence, create my own reality. Without limits. Only our limiting beliefs block us. We can get everything we want done. Understanding the energy levels under which we operate has given me the possibility to empathize better with others, and even to raise energy, and herby the motivation of those around me. With Lore‘s coaching I learned to practice my life differently, with new knowledge and awareness. Thank you, Lead.You.Up, for teaching me just in time and at exactly the right moment, how I can live my own life in a better way.“

X. Fernandez - SpainManager in Casa Planas Mallorca

“I have gone to various leadership and coaching workshops, but this one is very special. Loreuses most insightful content and keeps perfect rhythm with a smile. This mountain trekking whiletalking was exactly what we really needed. Thank you!”

Ana von Saurm - GermanyDentist

„During the coaching and between the session, I started to make descision I had beenstruggling with for years. Lore always asked just the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions. She helped me to focus and prioritize what was important in my life and professionally. I have been able to better look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions.“

Laurens Leeuwis - AmsterdamOwner at DENIM PLUS

„Working with Lore/LeadYouUp during a workshop in Mallorca, we experienced her in-depth understanding of leadership coaching, organizational transformation and agile practices at different levels in the company. She has a hands-on mentality and is able to work across multiple team and organizational boundaries, using her professional coaching frameworks and practices. Lore is a very open minded, flexible, never judging and easy accesible person to everyone in your organization. LeadYouUp/Lore knows like no one else how leadership, balance and coaching can make team members remove the barriers and embrace transformation. Lore/LeadYouUp helps each organization or team finding its own path, approach and solutions to become (more) agile. In summary; highly recommended!“

I. Forteza - SpainPhotographer

“It is amazing how, in a few seconds, with this coaching everything can change, and the most curious thing is that it only depends of ourselves. Thank you so much, Lore, for helping me realize things I was not quite sure they existed for all people. After this course, I am more confident in everything: me, my goals, my values, my environment … Thanks a millions times for everything.”