Certified Psychologist & Certified Leadership Coach


With a master degree in psychology (Dipl.-Psych.), I am a certified therapist (DGST) and certified coach (ACC). I studied psychology in Buenos Aires and Berlin. How come? I was born and grew up in Patagonia, Argentina, then I started my studies in Argentina and finished them in Germany.

I love to help people to take their next step. Mostly this is about self-confidence, balance, and going for what they really want. Finding out what is holding my clients back and where they want to go. I help them take their next steps (in career, life balance, time management, leadership).

Why do I love to do this job? For more than 10 years, I worked just as a psychologist. But most clients were not coming because they were suffering from a mental issue, but just because they didn’t know what should be their next step. So I started working with coaching methods, resolving blocks and increasing self-confidence; and my work started to be about helping my clients to find out what was holding them back, discovering their full potential, and having a lot of fun together.

So my next step was to offer not just methods from psychology, but also coaching skills to help my clients find out about their true self: Lead You Up.

I work with individuals and with groups. I give workshops and trainings. I offer my work in my practice, online, or out in nature (based on the idea that out in nature, far away from daily life, you can find yourself in an easy way, I offer coaching to individuals or small groups of clients in outside).

That is me. A psychologist and coach who loves going for the full potential and is open for diversity and nature.