Authenticity: You are more than you know. Be who you are. Find it out!

So many people are talking about authenticity when they talk about leadership. What does authenticity mean? Why all the fuss?

Leadership means the action or ability to lead a group. From a psychological perspective, you can do it by starting with yourself.

Ok. What is our first thought when we think about the word authenticity? It is about being who we are. So leadership means the ability to lead a group by being who we are. But who are we?

We are more than we know. We, as human beings, have huge potential, and we have a whole life to discover it.

We take our own decisions. Right now we are who we chose to be. We create ourselves. Having huge potential means we can be whatever we want to be. How? The answer is easy: If we go for it! It is our own decision do take steps in the direction we choose.

So: The more we learn about our true selves, the more authentic we can be.

Learning about ourselves, learning to lead ourselves, is a journey… a life journey.

What is your passion, which are your dreams, which values are driving you? But also: What is holding you back, which are our fears, which filters are limiting your perspective?

Are you ready to discover your full potential — your authentic you? You can contact me or… You can keep reading 🙂


So… authenticity is a big word! Authenticity is learning about who you really are. It is breaking through the beliefs which are limiting you, and through all blocks which are holding you back from showing your true self. The more consciousness you have about who you really are, the more authenticity you can share.

I always carry a book in my bag, so in case I have to wait somewhere, or I sit on the subway, I can read… Sometimes I just take any book off my shelf, sometimes I pick a particular one because something is on my mind.

These days I carry a book about how to deal with obstacles. Or actually, this is just what it means to me. It is about a guy trying to find out what he needs to be happy. This guy talks about how to “believe in existence”. Believing in existence is giving him opportunities in life — while he believes, he sees opportunities. In his journey to find out who he really is, he wants to know what he needs, or what he has to do, to lead a fulfilled life.

The book is “The Consolations of Philosophy”, written in 2002 by Alain de Botton, and the guy in the book I talk about above is Friedrich Nietzsche. After being a fan of Schopenhauer, who proposes to deal with difficulty by enduring it, Nietzsche learned eventually that there are other ways to confront difficulties in life: For example, by viewing them constructively: Finding a way to make the difficulty work for him, instead of suffering through it. Believing in existence.

On his journey to find out who he really was, by reflecting on other perspectives and believing in the full potential of the human being, Nietzsche found out that suffering is optional. Nietzsche said we only suffer because we do not achieve fulfillment spontaneously. He found out that he was more than he thought. Going for your full potential in life, mastering obstacles, and looking for what you really want, you can find out who you really are.

So lets find out what is limiting us, lets break through our fears, and find out how to lead ourselves and our environment. Lead.You.Up! Start with yourself!