Strong leadership starts with the self.

Though many leaders are overwhelmed by heavy demands on and off the job, get caught up in getting things done, and don’t allow themselves time to reflect. This does not only negatively influence leadership performance. Research shows that many employees are significantly influenced by the mood of their leader.

Do you feel quickly out of balance, stressed and consumed by your environment? Do you notice any effect it has on your performance, team and environment?

Lore, conscious leadership coach, and Sophie, wellbeing guide invite leaders 4 days to Mallorca to de-stress, relax, reflect, and get to know yourself better as a leader.

Slow down and become mindful is the first part of the process, by bringing body and mind in harmony with daily walks, lots of time to relax, and healthy food. Next, become aware of uncomfortable feelings, thoughts and behavior and take small steps with huge impact to generate long-term change.

An experience to become more aware of the leader you are now and identify the leader that you want to become in your everyday life.